Learn the Truth About Tim

On Healthcare

  • Senator Knopp sponsored legislation that would require prescription drugs to be labeled in multiple languages, making health care more inclusive for our minority communities. (SB 698, 2019)
  • He sponsored and passed one of the most robust paid family and medical leave laws in the county which provides working families to take the time they need to recover from illness or care for family members. (HB 2005, 2019)
  • Senator Knopp passed legislation that gives women constant and reliable access to prescription contraceptives (HB 3343, 2015)
  • He supported legislation that required pharmaceutical companies to provide 60-day notice before they raise the price of prescription drugs. (HB 2658, 2019)

On Equality and Justice for All

  • Tim Knopp passed historic voting rights legislation to address inequities in access to public office for protected classes in local elections. (HB 3310, 2019)
  • Senator Knopp championed one of the strongest equal pay for equal work laws in the country, which enshrined into Oregon law the concept of “equal pay, for equal work, regardless of gender.” (HB 2005, 2017)
  • As part of the ground-breaking Paid Family and Medical Leave, same-sex couples now can get time off when their partner needs them home. (HB 2005, 2019)
  • Tim Knopp won the 2020 Liberty Award from the League of Minority Voters for his work to create a more diverse and inclusive Oregon.
  • Tim Knopp worked to overturn the long-standing discriminatory housing clauses in real estate titles that kept people of color from owning homes. (HB 4134, 2018)
  • He passed legislation that bans Oregon colleges from intimidating alleged victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking when considering filing a complaint. (HB 2972, 2017)
  • Senator Knopp sponsored legislation that appropriated funds to the Oregon Dept. of Education to enforce Title 9, which protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. (HB 2562, 2019)

On Women’s Rights

  • Tim Knopp was a leader on pay equality. He helped pass legislation that ensured women get equal pay for equal work. (HB 2005, 2017)
  • Tim Knopp stood with Native American women when he passed legislation that directed the state police to improve criminal justice resources for missing or murdered Native American women. (HB 2625, 2019)
  • Senator Knopp made it easier for victims of abuse to continue restraining orders against their abusers (HB 3117, 2019)
  • Senator Knopp helped pass strong worker protections that made it illegal for employers to make workers sign “hush money agreements” that covered up discrimination and sexual harassment. (SB 726, 2019)
  • Senator Knopp championed legislation to crack down on workplace harassment and put procedures in place for victims to seek justice. (SB 479, 2019)
  • Knopp passed a law that made it illegal for taxpayer or campaign dollars to be used to make “hush money” payments in connection to nondisclosure agreements and workplace harassment. (SB 478, 2019)
  • He was a champion for women when he helped pass a law that required breast cancer resources to be published online. (HB 2660, 2017)
  • Always an advocate for victims, Senator Knopp passed legislation that requires medical providers to make efforts to ensure victims have access to a victim’s advocate. (SB 795, 2017)
  • Senator Knopp extended the statute of limitations on rape. (SB 1600, 2016)

On Education

  • Tim voted to fully fund our public schools, in line with the Quality Education Model. (SB 552, 2019)
  • Tim Knopp passed legislation that requires schools to teach about genocide and the Holocaust (SB 664, 2019)
  • Tim Knopp knows that the safety of our kids is top priority at schools. He sponsored legislation that schools do mandatory background checks for volunteers interacting with children. (HB 2992, 2017)
  • He made it more affordable for our teachers to get training and certifications. (HB 2673, 2017)
  • Knopp helped make students and families choose where they do to school. (SB 1566, 2016)

On the Environment

  • Senator Knopp voted for legislation that cut down on single-use plastics to keep down waste. (SB 90, 2019)
  • Senator Knopp voted to ban fracking in Oregon. (HB 2623, 2019)
  • He voted to permanently ban oil exploration off the Oregon Coast. (SB 256, 2019)
  • Senator Knopp banned motorized vehicles on Waldo Lake, preserving natural beauty and habitats. (SB 602, 2013)
  • Knopp voted in favor of establishing a statewide plan to support Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) infrastructure including charging stations and adopting electric vehicles for public agencies. (SB 1044, 2019)

On Campaign Finance Reform

  • Tim Knopp supported transparency in our election when voting to require big political donors to disclose where their money came from. (HB 2983, 2019)
  • Tim Knopp helped refer legislation to the 2020 November ballot that would ask voters to amend the Oregon Constitution to pave the way for campaign contribution limits. (Measure 107, 2020)